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I just wanted to share how much our experience with To Learn Is Empowering (TLIE).

This tutoring service has helped my son in 7th-grade math, particularly with algebraic equations, and fractions. Before enrolling him in the program, he was struggling with these topics, and his grades were suffering as a result. 

However, since he started attending the tutoring sessions, we've seen a significant improvement in his understanding of these specific math concepts, and his grades have improved noticeably. 

The tutors are patient, and knowledgeable, and have been able to break down complex topics in a way that my son can easily understand. I'm grateful for the difference they have made in my son's academic performance. 

I highly recommend TLIE Tutoring Service to any parent whose child needs extra support in any schooling area.

J Keeling


Long before the birth of “To learn is Empowering”, I had the pleasure of meeting the founder Yvonne through a mutual contact and I was very impressed with our first encounter with her, and the teaching approach she was going to apply when tutoring my nephew, who was so far behind in his intellectual capabilities for his age.

Without hesitation, I placed my nephew in Yvonne’s capable hands and watched as she tutored him like one of her own child and within 3 months his teachers where wondering what happened. I received phone calls and emails from his teachers regarding his significant progress academically in such a short time.

He transitioned from IEP to independent learning in 1 school year. His self confidence/soft skills when he got to secondary school, was beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Much gratitude goes to Yvonne and her team for nurturing the children of our future, bringing out the best in each child and allowing each child to “bloom where they are planted”.

One of the most inconceivable characteristics of this unique program is the follow-up after a child has graduated from the program. Yvonne constantly calls or texts to follow up on my nephew’s progress academically and otherwise.

Once again Yvonne my gratitude for your noble act of selflessness. You are truly a magnanimous person.

Warmest regards,


May 26, 2024

"To Learn Is Empowering as the journey begin two years ago" - the tutor has made learning fun, and inspired my son to reach his fullest potential.

The tutor consistently celebrated my son's achievement and efforts  helping to foster growth, mindset and self belief. 

My son is conversational more in interaction with peers daily, while communication and, listening skills have improved. His attitude towards learning self paced and self directed learning has improved 100%.

The tutor has my son's best interest by adapting to his learning style, developing for him various learning skills, and adapted her methods to suit his learning journey accordingly. This already has, and will help set him up for success for his entire life.

I would highly recommend other parents to contact "To Learn Is Empowering", because, parents are their children's best advocates, to the betterment of their growth.

Much appreciation to the tutor who my son has on Monday's, and Wednesday's  for one hour. My Son's tutor understands children's needs and responds to them with practical and powerful  solutions, regarding how to teach them.

Thank you for your dedication, and beautiful spirit. 

Warms Regards,
Linda Crawley / On Behalf  Of M.S
May 26, 2024