Our Mission

Our mission at To Learn is Empowering, is to empower children and adults alike, by helping them develop, grow, and improve their academic and literary skills.

Through online classes, our clients have a constant and professional tutor that is passionate in helping them to succeed.

  • What we teach

    No-cost assessments are conducted for each new student.

    We focus on teaching these two subjects:

    1. English
    2. Mathematics
  • Who we teach

    We teach children and adults who may have learning challenges, or learning disabilities, and need extra help to further their academic and literary skills.


    We tutor learners who need help performing at the following grade levels:

    • English - Kindergarten to Grade 8
    • Mathematics - Kindergarten to Grade 10
  • How to book a class

    To book a class please visit the "Contact Us" page to submit an enquiry, or send an email to: learn@tolearnisempowering.com

    Contact Us 
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